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turd and turd
I thought I'd share some photos I took of my friend's chicken this afternoon:

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Ah, they grow up so quickly...
Lonely Island - On A Boat
My chickies are growing so quickly!

They're all under 3 weeks....the eldest is the smallest (she's a bantam) and the youngest is the Godzilla sized one. Seriously, that chick EATS and is heavy compared to the other two.

Guinny - She's very serious about her eats. And spazzing out the other two chicks.

Anyway, besides wanting to share adorableness that are my chickies, I'm wondering if anyone had good resources for a coop? I haven't found any satisfactory ones online that I like!

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We are planning to get chickens soon and so I come here in search of answers and advice.  We live in Lake O and have a decent sized yard with a couple of raised beds where we grow veggies to supplement our share at the Luscher Farm CSA.  We'd like to start enjoying fresh, organic eggs as well. 

First, we are considering driving down to get this coop tomorrow - http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/grd/1165153644.html.  I like this design because we are planning to use it as a tractor and it seems as though it would be easier to move than some I've seen.  Any thoughts/reasons why we should go another route?

Next, where do we get the actual chickens? 

Third, I've heard that we can feed them the kitchen scraps that we would otherwise put in our composter but I'm concerned that this will not be enough food.  What do you feed your chicks and where do you get it?


The girls in the chicken coop

These are my girls hiding from the rain in their Chick-n-Hutch.  Morticia is the Black Australorp in front, then there is Beatrice the Buff Brahma Bantam on the roosting pole and Lola the Speckled Sussex in back.  Even though this is supposed to be for 3 hens, I want to build them something bigger.

Does anyone want to post pictures of their coops? I am going to build one pretty soon out of scrap wood & such that we've got, and I'm looking for inspiration. We're gonna be housing 3 hens.

Chickens = Meeting the Neighbors
I moved into my home a year and a half ago and for most of that time I never met my neighbors which is surprising since I spend a lot of time working in the garden.

I had read that keeping chickens greases the skids on neighbor relations but I am still surprised by how true that proved to be in my experience.  In the limited time I have had my hens I have met all my surrounding neighbors as a result of them seeing me interacting with the girls.  Everyone seems to be mesmerized by the presence of a chicken outside of a farm or petting zoo.  My hens are pretty friendly and typically don't mind being held which seems to charm the pants off of people.  I think its cute that people want to hold and pet them too. 

The interest of my neighbors in the girls makes me feel like the hens are building our community.  For example, this afternoon one of my neighbors suggested a trade of eggs from my hens for figs and apples from her trees.  Another neighbor tells me that coming out and spending time with the hens gives her a sense of peace and it makes her look forward to coming home from work.

To think, I had worried how the neighbors would take it!

DP'er ready to go to the birds
zip & pip
I've been told that inside the city limits of Portland the limit is 3 chickens but I live outside any city limits in Unicorporated Washington County. Can anyone direct me to laws that would apply to my area? Any good resources to start researching what all raising of these fine feathered friends entails? I'm on almost a half acre and am just starting to consider raising chickens after watching some friends have pretty good success. And facing a possible layoff in the very near future fresh eggs in my own back yard could be a very welcome addition. Thanks for the help!

The henhouse

I have three hens now, Morticia - a black Australorp, Lola a Speckled Sussex and Beatrice a Buff Brahma Bantam.  Morticia and Lola are only 2.5 months old and were raised together.  Beatrice is a saucy wench who has declared herself alpha hen and wishes the other two would get the heck out of her castle, er I mean coop.  They have only been together for a few days so I am hoping Queen B will calm down once she is reassured that I love her and she has a home.  I am looking forward to when Lola and Morticia start laying eggs in a couple months.  They are both the kind that lay brown eggs.  They are all such sweet birds with different personalities.  Who knew chickens could be so helpful to my quality of life.  I think I was put on this earth to care for things.

Morticia the hen 


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