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First night in coop
jessibeaucoup wrote in pdx_chickens
The chicks spent their first night in the coop last night and they were all three still alive this morning!!  Last night, I put them up in the box.  This morning, they were still up there and we were worried that they wouldn't figure out how to use the ladder.  I was trying to gently nudge them to use it but my husband kind of pushed one down and the other two followed.  I guess that's how it's done!! 

I've been putting in little bits of chopped up fruits and veggies but I don't think they get it.  Will they figure out to eat them on their own or is there a way that I can encourage them to eat the stuff? 

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Ha, yay for chicken coops! I cannot wait to kick mine out of the house. I've been giving them little scraps of food, usually just toss it in with them. They mostly eat it, though I did have to hold an apple piece in front of their beaks to make them notice. Then they got it :)

I find that all of mine like different foods so it might just be that they haven't found what they really like yet. Bread is #1 crowd pleaser.

Yeah, that's totally possible. I'll just keep at it and hope that they like something eventually:).

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