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Chicks have arrived!!
jessibeaucoup wrote in pdx_chickens
After going to two feed stores and then calling around, we found that the Burns Feed Store still has chicks 'this late'.  We picked out two Rhode Island Reds and a Golden Sex-Link.  I didn't realize that you can only get one week old chicks so we weren't entirely prepared for that.  Luckily, they were very patient about letting us know what's required and getting us set up with the right stuff.  Right now, the chicks are in the garage in our recycle bin with some wood shavings, a feeder, a waterer and under a heat lamp set-up.  I'm totally freaked out that we're going to inadvertantly kill the poor birds!!  

I'm sure I'll be posting A LOT of questions here over the next few days, weeks and possibly months.  For now, though, at what age can they start getting veggie scraps from the kitchen?  

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I don't know that I have seen an age for table scraps. I probably wouldn't for a few weeks but that's me. When you do offer it make sure they are minced up so it is easier for the chicks to handle.

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