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Coop Arrived!!
jessibeaucoup wrote in pdx_chickens
Our coop was delivered tonight by Jake and Aaron of Rose City Coops (you can find them on craigslist).  In it's honor, I'm cooking up a chicken pot pie:).  Friday, we are going to get chicks.  We'd like to get Rhode Island Reds.  Can anyone recommend a feed store out near Lake O?  We're planning to hit up the one off of Stafford but would love to hear if anyone has a favorite and why! 


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congrats on the coop!
we go to burns feed, way far from you, so that probably isn't any help.

Thanks - we ended up at Burns Feed anyway! I guess we're a little late in the season but they were still carrying chicks. They were super nice there and we were very impressed at how much time the lady who helped us was willing to spend answering our questions.

Don't know any feed stores by Lake O. My favorite feed store is the one in Linnton, but since I now live on the east side of town I usually go to Foster Feed`or Clackamas Feed.

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